"Hester Prynne is undead!"
Opening in San Francisco, 2014

Written by Wendi Olson
Directed by Sylvia Baeza, Ph.D.

"The Most Starring Roles for Women
Since the V-Monologues"

"Olson has the gift": Read the Review

"I giggled, chortled, and laughed my way through
her script": Read the Script
Anna, Emma, Edna, Etcetera
(a deep comedy)

19th Century Fictional Fatales Time-Travel
to  the 21st Century to Shed their Corsets....

gun Cast of Characters
The Suicides
Anna Karenina
Emma Bovary
Edna Pontellier
The Stalked
Isabel Archer
Hester Prynne
The Monsters
Lucy the Vampire
Bertha the Madwoman
Cathy the Haunt
... and Jo, everybody's favorite tomboy!
Help End the Gender Gap

Of all plays staged,
women represent:

17%  playwrights
23%  directors
35%  actors