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Myers-Briggs for Mothers

Myers-Briggs for Mothers

Have you ever marveled at how different your child is from you? How two siblings are like night and day? Would you like to ease struggles over mood, energy levels, interests, or social skills? You love your child, and want to appreciate and better cope with certain traits. Understanding your children’s temperament will help you to set realistic expectations as you guide them along life’s path.

Join Wendi Olson’s workshop to learn about Carl Jung’s four temperament types, and what causes us all to clash and connect. You will gain the insights and tools to help you better understand your child and meet your own needs.

This supportive group focuses on parenting styles, personal insight, and acting on the strengths of your authentic self. How does an outgoing networker deal with a child who is a Shrinking Violet? What are some strategies for meeting the needs of your adventurous, limit-pushing child when you are quiet and respectful? The goal is for you and your child to follow your true natures and live in harmony.

This course will explore the four facets of temperament: introversion vs. extraversion; intuition vs. sensation; thinking vs. feeling; and judging vs. perceiving.  As you learn more about the inclination and styles of different types, you will begin to see all of your relationships in new ways.  Say goodbye to frustration and judgment as you acquire practical techniques for relating to all types of people.

This workshop will give support as the holidays approach with the stress of increased family interactions and social demands.  It will also improve your child’s relationship with school work and teachers.

Wendi Olson has been a Myers-Briggs temperament type consultant for 20 years.  She is a playwright, credentialed teacher, and trained counselor.

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